Mini Lime Cheesecakes




I feel stupid writing paragraphs about this because they’re too easy. These are for those who need a cheesecake fix but don’t want to go through the sometimes trauma that is making a baked cheesecake. I say that as people seem to be obsessed with the idea of not cracking the surface of a cheesecake and nursing it for hours with the oven door slightly ajar. Aesthetically, I don’t think it makes much difference if theres a crack or no crack plus it still bloody tastes good. These however, forego any crack-based worries and bypass any form of stress, plus they’re in miniature form so portion control is forced upon you (sometimes needed when cheesecake is involved). These are often my brother’s request whenever I ask him what he would like for his birthday, well I lie, what he actually wants is key lime pie but this year I decided to go for something a bit different. Such a great sister. They’re great for gatherings as they’re portable and like I said, portion friendly.


500g cream cheese (room temp and full fat)

395g (1 tin) condensed milk

1 egg

2 limes (zest of both and juice of both, you want around 1/4 cup worth of lime juice)

1/4 cup caster sugar (you can bump it up to 1/3 if you’re after more sweetness)

70g melted unsalted butter

200g butternut biscuits (minus 2 biscuits for obvious reasons)



Firstly, in a food processor, blitz the biscuits until you have a fine, sandy rubble. You can also do this in a zip-lock bag, tea towel and rolling pin, but honestly, who has time for that palaver?


Once blitzed (you may have to do it in batches pending the size of your processor) pour in the melted unsalted butter. Reserve 1/3 cup of the crumb and set aside.


Spoon roughly a tablespoons worth into a prepared and lined muffin tin.




Flatten the crumbs into the base of the cupcake liners and create the slightest of divot in the middle and slightly pushing the crumbs up the side of the cases.


Next, cream together the cream cheese and caster sugar until smooth.


After that, pour in the whole tin of condensed milk. My god just look at it.



Beat the two mixtures together and get on with zesting and juicing your limes. I like to use a reamer-like juicer to get some of the lime pulp and all.




Now at this stage it is optional to crack in an egg to bake. Not necessary as the lime juice combined with the condensed milk does its magically setting thingy but it does add another element of dense, chessecakey loveliness.


Fill the cases about 3/4 of the way up, sprinkling the remaining crumb mixture over the top and bake in a low oven (160 degrees) for only 10 minutes. This just sets the egg in the mixture and creates an amazing dense cheesecake.


Once baked, allow to set overnight until serving cold, either on their own or with some unsweetened whipped cream.



These have just the right amount of teeth-squeaking sourness to satisfy the lime lovers and is a great combination with the sweet, buttery crumb mixture. Fabbo.



Happy baking!

x Yak




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