Vanilla Chai From The Body Shop

I got a little bit carried away with the Vanilla Chai scent at The Body Shop over the Christmas season. It began at our Friendsmas Christmas celebration when my friend received a gift set from her Secret Santa. One wiff and I was in love. Come Boxing Day sales and my cart was full of pretty much the whole collection.

Got a little bit excited…

All up I grabbed the exfoliating sugar scrub, shower gel, hand cream, body butter, softening body gel-lotion (whatever the heck that means) and the shimmer mist. I really like the packaging and aesthetics of the products also. They smell like a freshly brewed cup of hipster chai latte with the warmest vanilla tones. My personal favourite is the body butter; its so thick and luscious you could eat it.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Shower Gel
Hand Cream
Body Butter, featuring rouge cat hair. I’m all about the aesthetics.
Softening Body Gel-Lotion
Shimmer Mist

The older I get the more I’m drawn to spicy, darker scents.  However, I find this is still light enough to wear during the summer months and the shimmer mist’s scent seems to last a lot longer than I originally thought it would. What scents are you enjoying at the moment? Now off I go smelling of baked goods and spices.


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